Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Hope you all had a lot of fun last night. Here’s a few Halloween-related (+non-Halloween) items that you might be interested in…

  • OriginalFake (KAWS) X Peanuts Tees are here, so you might want to check the couch for spare change. (FRESHNESS)
  • Kid Cudi’s MANIAC video (directed by Shia LaBeouf) will make you afraid of the dark, again. (COMPLEX)
  • Seattle’s Flying Coffin’s 2011 Fall Lookbook & Collection are up on their site. Dopeness! (FLYINGCOFFIN)
  • Childish Gambino’s (Community’s Donald Glover) “Bonfire” video is kinda scary, weird & awesome! (MTV)
  • Jim Carrey + Jeff Daniels + Farrelly Bros. + 17 years = Dumb & Dumber 2? Yessir! (DEADLINE)
  • IN LIVING COLOR is getting a re-boot! New episodes for Spring ’12…I give this news 2 snaps up! (THR)
  • Anonymous (Hacktivists) threaten deadly Mexican Drug Cartel members? WHOA…Nerds FTMFW! (CHON)

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