Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Hello world. It’s me again. Broadcasting live from America’s Sin City. To be 100% honest, the real Sin City is Amsterdam, because they have these “coffee shops” that serve something a lot better than coffee & it’ll definitely make you cough-y. Our friends were just there & Amsterdam sounds highly entertaining. Someday. Sorry, back on track, here’s some cool news that you maybe missed…

  • Play Cloths released a FREE mixtape as a gift to all the PC fans to coincide with their new Holiday 2011 Collection. Thanks, Pusha T! (PLAYCLOTHS)
  • Add NYC Mayor & bagillionaire, Mikey Bloomberg, to list of successful people who’ve admitted to “know” Mary Jane. Maybe she’s not that bad afterall? (MSNBC)
  • This university study suggests a correlation between the US states with medicinal marijuana laws & their decreases in traffic fatalities. You don’t say? (POPSCI)
  • Georgetown Univ. has a course called “Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z” this semester. I might have to pull a Thornton Melon, that’s a Billy Madison for young guns. (FORBES)
  • LeBron James is opening a high fashion/streetwear/shoe store in a Florida mall on 12/16. Yes, a mall. Can’t lie, that brand list is pretty impressive. (HIGHSNOBIETY)
  • Hypebeast TV did an interview with BAPE & BBC graphic designer, Sk8thing, about his new brand, C.E.. Hope it’s not too pricey. (HYPEBEAST)
  • Have you seen the new Muppets movie yet? Well, did you know that the original Muppet Show was probably made for adults more than kids? (WARMINGGLOW)

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