Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Only 8 more shopping days until X-mas. Wow, time flies…I can’t believe it’s 12/16 already. I guess I should start my X-mas shopping soon. Wish me luck! Here’s some cool stuff that you maybe missed…

  • Pharrell Williams has always been a ladies’ man, so it’s no surprise that he’s about to launch “Billionaire Girls Club” soon. P stays grindin! (SLAMXHYPE)
  • Ever wonder what The Roots’ drummer, leader & coolest dude ever, ?uestlove, does all the day before “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” starts taping? Mystery solved. (DAILYBEAST)
  • Snowboard Mag released their “Platinum Picks: The best bindings of 2012” list & the Nike Vapen made the “best boots of 2012” list. Just BUY it! (SNOWBOARDMAG)
  • Do you never get sick of seeing slam dunks? Me neither! Luckily, Complex made a list of the “50 greatest dunks in NBA History”…Thanks, guys! (COMPLEX)
  • Bazillionaire Businessman Richard Branson’s new book “Screw Business As Usual” suggests that you can get rich by helping people? Sounds good to me! (AMAZON)
  • Have you bought Louis C.K.’s new standup special from his website for $5 yet? That’s less than the avg. value meal! Over 110K people can’t be wrong. (LOUISCK)
  • Acapulco Gold wanted to remind you why they’re still one of best brands out there, so their new Holiday 2011 lookbook is on their website now. (AG)

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