Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed – XL X-mas Ed.

Only 2 days until X-mas! & eventhough this year doesn’t exactly feel the same as years in the past (RIP Dad & Grandpa), I’m still looking foward to it. You gotta appreciate the present, because life is a present & everyday is X-mas! (“Treat yo self!” -Tom Haverford) So go buy yourself something nice like some tickets to a UNLV basketball game. That’s what I did…it’s best show in town! Watchin’ the Runnin’ Rebels beat the Univ. of California Golden Bears is going to be a great way to start this holiday weekend. Hella exciTED! Hope you all have a very Merry X-mas & Happy Festivus! Here’s some things that you maybe missed…

  • The Jordan Brand has released their X-mas Pack featuring the signature sneakers of Melo, CP3 & D. Wade. Can’t wait for Sunday! (NICEKICKS)
  • Need some help getting into the X-mas spirit? Chewbacca & his family are here to help! Check out the “Star Wars Holiday Special” from 1978! (YOUTUBE)
  • Still not in the spirit? Maybe watching this video “Christmas Carolling with Roddy Piper” with put you over the top? (YOUTUBE)
  • And if Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis: The Emoticon Version” doesn’t fill you with holiday cheer, then I quit! (SMOKINGSECTION)
  • The geniuses at Sony have developed a battery that turns old paper into power?!? That’s great, because “I need more power!” (BBC)
  • Speaking of more power, this Hydrogen-powered $326K speedboat has its own fuel plant, so you’ll never run out of fuel again! (TECHNABOB)
  • 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke is the star of an insane postapocalyptic Sundance-selected short film & the trailer is freakin’ cray…big booty zombies, hop wit it! (FILMDRUNK)
  • So mysterious metal balls have been falling from space & scientists aren’t sure what they are, so…when is a good time to start flippin’ out?!? (POPSCI)
  • This Vans “waffle sole” iPhone 4 case was originally just a promo item, but they might start selling ’em soon. Hope I can get one for my 4S. (GIZMODO)
  • So because Louis CK’s $5 special was such a great success, he donated $280K to charities that people suggested to him & $250K to his staff as a X-mas bonus…Louie is the MAN! (LOUISCK)
  • LeBron James collaborated with Fruition’s Chris Julian & Samantha Jo Alonso to open his new store, UNKNWN, in Miami. Very niiiice…VEGAS FTW!!! (FRESHNESS)

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