The Lion Habitat is Now Closed. (Not Lion!)

Originally opened in 1999 for $9 million, the Lion Habitat was a free attraction at the MGM Grand Resort, where people could see an actual “King of the Jungle” 7 days a week. The lions didn’t actually live at the MGM however, instead, they live on a 7.5 acre ranch near the M Resort & were brought in each day by the lions’ owner & trainers. Unfortunately, the attraction was closed yesterday along with the nightclub “Studio 54” to make room for a new retail shop & a new nightclub, so if you still want to see a lion (or a tiger or a dolphin?!? yup!) in Vegas, you’ll have to go to the Mirage & pay for a ticket to see “Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden”, which is actually really cool & will probably be the focus of a future post. Until then, please enjoy these pictures of the Lion Habitat & MGM that I took over the weekend…


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