Table For Ted: Old Homestead Steakhouse @ Caesar’s Palace

Last Saturday night, my wife, a couple friends of ours & I went to the new “Old Homestead Steakhouse” at Caesar’s Palace. If the name sounds familiar, you might have heard of or seen one of their other locations in NYC (originally opened in 1868) or in Atlantic City. Needless to say, this place is SOFA KING AWESOME! Not too surprised, because they’ve been cooking steaks for almost 150 years! The service was amazing (even though it was packed!) & I still can’t stop thinking about how great the food was. It was all so good & we ate so much, I think I’m still FULL. This is what we had…
We started with the “KITCHEN SINK SALAD”, STEAK WEDGE SALAD, “THICK CUT” BACON (a.k.a. Bacon Steak, not pictured), KOBE TARTARE & KOBE MEATBALL…OMmmmmmmmG! My mouth just started to water while I was typing all that. Definitely order the KOBE MEATBALL, because it’s hands down, the BEST meatball that I’ve ever had in my LIFE! You won’t regret it.
As for the main course, the steaks were DAMN DELICIOUS and the sides were just as tasty! We had the HOMESTEAD MAC & FOUR CHEESE (More please!), GRANDMA’S CREAMED SPINACH (So good, probably like Popeye’s Granny would make it), TATER TOTS WITH FAT BOY SAUCE (sour cream, bacon bits, etc.), POTATO GNOCCHI WITH TRUFFLE BUTTER (Do it, Do it!) & “DUCK FAT” FRIES (Quack!)…if you order any combo of these sides with your meal, you won’t be disappointed. We definitely weren’t.
For dessert, we ordered the CHOCOLATE CAKE, CREME BRULEE (again, best I’ve ever had in my life!), NY CHEESECAKE & A GIANT COOKIE TOPPED WITH ICE CREAM, CANDY PIECES & WHIPPED CREAM (Kinda like BJ’s Pizookie, but on freakin’ STEROIDS! You gotta order one). Even though we were so FULL, there’s always room for dessert, right? & with desserts this good staring you in the face, it would be almost a crime not to eat them, so we did & they were AMAZING…what a great way to cap off a perfect meal! THANKS, OHS!!!!!


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