Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Do you know what today is? Well, yes, it is Friday, but it’s also the 49th birthday of the greatest basketball player of all time & my childhood hero, Michael Jeffrey Jordan…Happy Birthday, Mikey! (Hope you win all your bets today. Good luck!) And I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. Mine could have went a little better. I ordered flowers for my wife & for my grandma from FTD, but NOTHING was delivered. That’s some B.S. & I’m still not sure what happened, because they haven’t got back to me yet, so if I were you, I’d STAY AWAY from FTD! Learn from my misfortunes. That’s what I’m here for. Oh well, here’s some things that you maybe missed…

  • The Star Wars’ Stand Up To Cancer Tees are all 25% OFF until 2/20. These are the TEES you’re looking for. You will support a great cause. (SU2C)
  • Is there anything better than getting a refund from the Gov’t? Not really, so if you need help filling out your 1040, check out “Wealth Club”. (GOOD)
  • Remember when Doc Brown threw a bunch of garbage in the Mr. Fusion of the Delorean to use as fuel? Real scientists are working on that. (GAS2)
  • Snowboarding at night + HD camera + LED snowsuit = You should probably just watch it yourself. It’s pretty damn cool. (NOWNESS)
  • I think almost everyone loves music, right? But have you ever wondered how speakers actually work? Read this & wonder no longer. (S+V)
  • There’s a pretty interesting article over at Rolling Stone about the Federal crackdown on medicinal marijuana dispensaries. (ROLLINGSTONE)
  • Curious to know what the Best Toys of 2012 are going to be? Well, check out PopSci’s list of their favorites from the annual “Toy Fair”. (POPSCI)

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