Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was pretty good. Nothing crazy, just hung out with my wife (she’s the best!). We watched the #21 Runnin’ Rebels beat Air Force on Sat., all the NBA All-Star festivities (including the celeb. game…Dwight & Kevin Hart were hilarious! “They gon learn today!” LOL) & the last hour of the Oscar’s with my grandma. Hope you all have a great week & here are some things that you maybe missed last week…

  • For $1.5-8 Mil, you can live in your own personal “Magic Kingdom” since Disney has plans to develop a new neighborhood near Disney World in FL. (INMAN)
  • My wife & I have been trying to stop drinking soda for a while and now, because of this article, we finally are. You should stop too if you want to live longer. (RODALE)
  • Childish Gambino has a new music video for “Heartbeat” & NBC ‘s “Community” is finally coming back to TV…things are lookin’ up for DONGLOVER! (MSN)
  • Thanks to a team of scientists & a biologist at the Univ. of MA, we all will probably be able to climb walls & buildings like Spider-Man soon. Science FTW! (BLASTR)
  • By the end of the year, Google’s augmented-reality “smart glasses” will be available for purchase & the world as we know it might change forever. (NYTIMES)
  • Curious to know what the best new TV shows of 2012 might be? Then check out Warming Glow’s list of the 15 most promising 2012 pilots. (WARMINGGLOW)
  • Nike’s newest shoe, Flyknit, is over 4 years in the making & will debut at this year’s Summer Olympic Games. Meet the future of footwear. (FASTCODESIGN)

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