Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Is this week finally over? YESSIR!!! Can’t wait to see UNLV avenge their lost to Wyoming from earlier this season. I can’t figure out why we can’t win on the road, especially after leading by double-digits at halftime…WTF? We gave some of these teams their 1st win over a Top-20 team in decades (You’re welcome!). SMH. If the Rebs could only play all their games at the T&M, we’d be undefeated this year. Ha! Oh well, as long as we’re still playing games in the end of March, that’s all that matters. Hope you all have a great weekend. Here’s some things that you maybe missed this week…

  • Air Jordan & Nike designer/architect Tinker Hatfield’s been using his iPad to sketch-up shoes like Federer’s Vapor 9’s in less than an hour! So awesome! (NICEKICKS)
  • If you’re like me, then when you were a kid, all you wanted to do was “Be Like Mike”. Well, for $29M you can “Live Like Mike” & buy his house in Chi City. (BLOOMBERG)
  • Disappointed with the NBA Dunk Contest this year? Well, the D-League & Sprite Showdown Dunk Contests were a lot more fun to watch…WHOA! (BALLISLIFE)
  • Richard Branson & Virgin don’t only wanted to take you to SPACE a.k.a. The Final Frontier, they want to take you to the bottom of the OCEAN as well. Down? (IEEE)
  • After reading Fredrick Douglas’ autobiography, an 8th grader wrote an essay with some interesting analogies of our school system & slavery. It didn’t go over very well. (GOOD)
  • Imagine walking over to your neighborhood “food forest” to grab a something to eat. Well, if you lived in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, you’d be able to do that soon. (BFF)
  • What if when you died, you could upload your “consciousness” to robot body, so you could live forever? A Russian visionary wants to turn everyone into Robocop’s! (POPSCI)

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