Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Hope you all had a great time last weekend. St. Patrick’s Day on The Strip was crazy, almost too crazy. The weather sucked (it rained), but my friends & I had fun, as always. Speaking of fun, thank god it’s FRIDAY! And speaking of Friday, I’m talking about Friday (the movie) & Ice Cube, if you’re going to the movies anytime soon, go see “21 Jump Street” A.S.A.P. (Cube’s in it), it is sofa king hilarious! And after that, if you haven’t already, go to Taco Bell & try a Doritos Locos Taco…sooo good! You can thank me later. By the way, I read somewhere that the “Cool Ranch” version might be coming later this year. Yum! (See what I did there?) Welp, have another great weekend & here’s some things that you maybe missed…

  • Damn, I didn’t know Canada had plastic money already. Gotta kick us when we’re down, eh? Hey, US Treasury, where’s ours? (TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)
  • Aziz Ansari is going the Louie C.K. route & offering his new stand-up special for $5 on his website. Aziz is very smart as well. (AZIZISBORED)
  • Omar from HBO’s The Wire is going to play  O.D.B. in a new bio-pic about Big Baby Jesus & his young inexperienced manager, Dirty White Boy. (EW)
  • LATE PASS: NASA’s compiled 40 years of Las Vegas’ satellite photos & now you can watch Vegas grow 40 YEARS in 40 SECS. Crazy! (LVRJ)
  • Have you ever dreamed of taking a class at STANFORD Univ.? Well, thanks to the magic of the internet & a couple geniuses, anyone can. (WIRED)
  • “Iron” Mike Tyson will be performing a one man show at the MGM Grand Resort from 4/13-4/18. Mark your calendars OR ELSE! (LVWEEKLY)
  • Don’t forget to watch Odd Future’s new show Loiter Squad this Sun. @ 11:30PM on Adult Swim, brought to you by the Jackass crew. (ADULTSWIM)

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