‘Lacs on ‘Lacs on ‘Lacs!!!

Last Sunday, My wife & I went to Town Square on S. LV BLVD for the 7th annual Cadillac Through The Years car show, which was sponsored by Findlay Cadillac and The Las Vegas Cadillac & LaSalle Club. There were over 60 ‘Lacs from 1911 models (as seen above, I think that one was the oldest) all the way up to the new 2012 models. It was really cool to see the really old ‘Lacs, see how much the Cadillac brand has changed over a 100 years (including how cheap a new ‘Lac was back in the 50’s. Man, inflation is a bee-otch!) & also to see how much some of these owners really loved their ‘Lacs. But then again, what’s not to love about them? Nothing that I can see. We’ll probably go again next year, it was fun & the best part…FREE. Please enjoy these other pictures that I took at the car show…


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