Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did. On Friday, I was lucky to eat a piece of one of the coolest cakes that I’ve ever seen in my entire life(!) at my homeboy’s (Lee) 30th b-day party. (My dad would have LOVED it! He’d read all the Harry Potter books, saw almost all the movies & was a huge fan. Miss ya, Dad!) Not only did it look amazing, it tasted as good as it looked! Mucho props, Katie & Happy Birthday, Lee!!! On Sat. morning, my wife & I went to Shadow Creek golf course for the 3rd day of the 11th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational golf tournament (MJCI), which was a lot of fun as well (pics coming soon). Until then, here’s some things that you maybe missed last week (Sidebar: Go Jayhawks & Cheyenne HS grad, Elijah Johnson!!!)…

  • Holy crap! So the 1st ever 1080 (3 – 360º Spins) on a skateboard was finally landed by a 12 year old! Damn, I feel so old. (REDBULL)
  • Thanks to Apple, working conditions at China’s Foxconn high-tech factories will start to get better soon. Capitalism FTW! (FASTCO)
  • A lucky VA man received a full face & jaw transplant 15 years after a gun accident left him without a nose, lips or teeth! (MSNBC)
  • Check out the Too Short & E-40 Money On the Floor music video that one of my homies & new hero, Adam Z., camera Op’d for. (VEVO)
  • Spike Lee paid an “undisclosed amount” to the elderly couple who’s addy he tweeted, instead of George Zimmerman’s. Good form, Spike! (EW)
  • A legally blind man used Google’s self-driving car to run a few errands around his town. The future is gonna be so awesome! (POPSCI)
  • So LINSANITY’s on hiatus ’til next year, but did the Knicks really delay the announcement to sell a few more tickets? C.R.E.A.M!!! (NYDAILY)

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