Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Wow, what a fun & crazy week…Congrats to the Kentucky Wildcats, baseball has finally returned (Go Mets & White Sox!!!), The Masters is in full swing (Sorry, I’m cheesy. I love cheese! I do. Ask anyone.) & I’m looking forward to the weekend as always…TGIFMF!!! Hope you all enjoyed my pics from the 2012 MJCI (I’ll post 2011’s pics next week. There’s a couple really GREAT ONEs. Haha! You’ll see.) & hope you all have a great weekend. Here’s some things that you maybe missed this week…

  • Maybe the BTTF Trilogy ruined me, but this isn’t exactly what I was hoping a flying car would look like. I’d drive & fly a FREE one…it’s still cool. (POPSCI)
  • 615 DEAD dolphins were found on Peru’s beaches recently & there’s a good chance that acoustic testing for OIL is to blame. F.U., oil companies! (MSNBC)
  • Need PROOF that we are all CONNECTED (sometimes biologically) & we should TREAT everyone like FAMILY? Watch PBS’s Finding Your Roots! (PBS)
  • OJ Simpson’s daughter’s blowin’ his NFL pension, his home is in foreclosure (DAILYMAIL) & a new book claims his son is the REAL killer! Karma? (FORBES)
  • So over 600k Macs might have a been infected by a Trojan virus through Java, but the good news is that Apple already released an update. Thanks, guys! (CNET)
  • Call me an Apple Fanboy, if you want, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not exciTED for Google’s new A.R. glasses, Glass. Possibilities are endless! (FASTCOMPANY)
  • If you haven’t watched the trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s (Family Guy & American Dad) 1st movie Ted yet, then DO THAT NOW! You’re welcome. (TEDISREAL)

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