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Damn. Another week, another death…R.I.P. Maurice Sendak! Where the Wild Things Are was always my favorite book as a child & I still love it…not just for the story, but also because I’ve always thought all the illustrations were so awesome! (Sidebar: Spike Jonze did an amazing job bringing the story/book to the big screen. Thanks, Spike!) On a happier note, an early “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the mothers out there! Take your mom somewhere nice to eat on Sunday & buy her something nice too, like some flowers…she deserves it, she raised you right & put up with all your crap, right? Don’t be a son of a bitch. (Haha! LOVE YOU, MOM!) Hope you all have a great weekend. Here’s some things that you maybe missed this week…

  • Who else expected Money Mayweather’s entourage to include 50, Biebs & Weezy?!? Check out Ben Baller’s behind the scenes POV. (IF&CO)
  • Scientists are building a $1B futuristic “ghost town” in Hobbs, NM to test out what a “city of the future” will look & work like. Very cool. (MSNBC)
  • WTF?!? So the estate of Jimi Hendrix isn’t even on board yet with the new biopic starring Andre 3000 of OutKast as Jimi? BUMMER! (WSJ)
  • Is Jesus Walks your fav. jam? You should check out Lecrae’s new Don Cannon hosted mixtape Church Clothes! Christian rap at it’s finest! (2DB)
  • Remember WonkaVision? Chinese physicists have successfully quantum teleported photons over 60 miles. Beam me up, Sī Kǎo Té! (POPSCI)
  • KAWS will be releasing a special print to benefit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta today for $1400 each. Good luck gettin’ one! (HB)
  • 123D Catch app is a lot cooler than the Autodesk program that I use for work…instant 3-D rendering for $FREE.99? SOLD! (MASHABLE)

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