Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Happy fackin’ Friday, people of Earth! I’m sure everyone is hella exciTED for the 3-day weekend! Huge thanks to all members of the US Military & their families for your sacrifices, your service & for always keeping us safe…we appreciate & love you all! Well, I hope everyone has a fun & safe holiday weekend. Don’t drink too much or do…I don’t care, just don’t hurt anyone, OK? Awesome! Here’s some things that you maybe missed this week…

  • Banksy >>> your favorite artist. Is there anything this man does that isn’t sofa king awesome!?! Long live, Banksy! (JUXTAPOZ)
  • Watch live broadcast HD TV w/DVR capabilities on your iPhone anywhere for $12/mo? Hope Aereo expands to Vegas soon. (FASTCO)
  • Hey iOS users, have you downloaded your “Free App of the Week” from the App Store? Why not? It’s only $FREE.99! (ENGADGET)
  • Help fund a documentary about 9th Wonder’s 1st year at Harvard & get rewarded wonderfully…9th’s one bad man! (KICKSTARTER)
  • Afraid of needles? Don’t worry, MIT has developed a new magnetic needle-free injector that’s almost speed of sound fast. (POPSCI)
  • If you think you have to be smart to be successful, you’ll be happy to know that HARD WORK pays dividends. Just Do Work! (TED.ED)
  • Nike SB’s Taiwan Trip video is pretty awesome, but watchin’ it made me miss Taipei & my family. Can’t wait to go back! (YOUTUBE)

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