Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

Happy HUMP day, f*ck*rs! Sorry for the lack of updates last week. Hope you all had as much fun as I did these last 2 weekends. MDW was especially awesome! My friends & I were able to meet Donald Glover a/k/a Childish Gambino before his show at The Cosmopolitan pool. (Thanks again, Katya!) He’s a hella nice dude & he absolutely KILLED IT on stage later…Camp Gambino was a blast! & I guess he was pretty stoked about the million dollar bill that I gave to him (#BLACKFACES), because he posted a pic of it on Instagram the next day…Sofa King AWESOME! Well, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week & have a great weekend! Here’s some things that you maybe missed over the last week or so…

  • Shepard Fairey paid tribute to the late great hip-hop legend who went by the name of MCA with a couple billboards in LA. RESPECT! (OBEY)
  • Be sure to watch & support our BFF @HeatherBilyeu on the season 5 premiere of Million Dollar Listing LA tonight…BIG NEWS?!? (BRAVO)
  • Wait, huh? Childish Gambino + Beck? YES, PLEASE!!! I can’t wait for Bino’s new mixtape…Wu-Tang + Bino? Coming soon! (IAMDONALD)
  • I really want to meet the trillionaire Ebayer who paid $90K for a pair of Nike Air Yeezys 2. I wish I had a pair, but c’mon, really?!? (EBAY)
  • You REALLY are what you eat, so when what you eat (chicken) eats ARSENIC, well, then that’s probably not good for you either. (GOOD)
  • So the “War on (illegal) Drugs” failed & helped create a market for synthetic “legal” drugs made by mad/rich scientists? Why not! (WIRED)
  • Someone already recreated the Throne of Hawkthorne game from Community’s Digital Estate Planning episode…WOW! (REDDIT)

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