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If I Could Be Like Mike (That’d Be Awesome!)

As promised, here are some of the pictures that I took on the last day of the 10th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational golf tourney (MJCI), which Michael Jordan & Toni Kukoc ended up winning (Great job, guys!), at the exclusive Shadow Creek golf course in North Las Vegas. We paid for the VIP tickets last year, so we had access to a special VIP area & elevated seating with a full bar near the 18th hole. At the bar, there were also a few flat-screen TV’s with various NBA games on (Sorry, I don’t recall which ones), which always looked like they were mere seconds from falling/flying off the poles that they were secured because of very strong winds that day…yup, it was windy last year too! Vegas can be very windy at times, but when it’s 100°+, any breeze is always welcomed. We also had access to the air-conditioned restroom facilities (Cool story, Hansel!), which looked like the bathroom trailers you’d probably see on a movie set. The two things that we didn’t have access to were the M Life VIP area & bar and the actual clubhouse of Shadow Creek, where the REAL VIP’s/celebrities were hanging out, so that was slightly disappointing, but no biggie. We still had fun.

Of course, we arrived at Shadow Creek later than we hoped, as usual, but we got there just in time to watch Michael Jordan (check out his custom Jordan brand golf shoes & golf bag in the pics below…must be nice!) putting on the 1st hole. His partner was Tony Kukoc (Go Bulls!) & they were paired up with Mike Piazza (Go Mets!) & Mario Lemieux, whom would eventually finished 3rd. We followed this foursome for a few holes (seemed like MJ knew the course pretty well by now), then we left to check out the VIP area for the 1st time, got some food & drinks & walked around for a lil’ bit more (Shadow Creek is huge!). After that, we hung out around the 9th hole for a little while…watched Greg Maddux, Anthony Anderson, Michael Pena, Danny Masterson, Brian Baumgartner, Kenny Lofton, Penny Hardaway & Brandi Chastain tee off…walked some more, then went back to the VIP area & hung around the last 4 holes for rest of the day. All in all, it was a very fun day & all for several great causes/charities, which is why we went again this year & will continue to go, at least for a day, as long as the MJCI is at Shadow Creek. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone, especially if you have kids (2 kids admitted FREE per paid adult). I didn’t get any autographs last year, but I took a ton of pictures with my wife’s camera & here are some of my favorites, including a few pretty funny ones. Enjoy…


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