Theo’s Things That You Maybe Missed

WHOA…what month is it? Just Kidding. No update on 4/20, because I took a break for a week or so…hope everyone had a smokin’ fun & GREEN (Earth Day, duh!) time last weekend. I’m so happy it’s Friday & I’m so happy for the future…it’s going to be so much fun. Not the band named fun., just FUN, but they’re awesome too by the way, I loved The Format & love fun. as well (the band this time). Haha! Anyway, hope everyone has a FUN weekend (NBA Playoffs!) & here’s some things that you maybe missed over the last 2 weeks…

  • Julian Marshall needs your help to finish his AWESOME short narrative film, Obey The Giant, about the origins of Obey & Shepard Fairey. Hella exciTED!(KICKSTARTER)
  • Fired from Celebrity Apprentice? So what! Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) was still able to help Opportunity Village with a $250K donation. Sweet! (LVSUN)
  • Have you met Iceberg, maybe the world’s only all-white (albino) killer whale, yet? “Hey Iceberg, nice to meet you. Say hi to your mutha for me!” (NATGEO)
  • Zappos’ 38 y.o. CEO, Tony Hsieh, has a ton of cool plans for Downtown LV & he’s using some of his own cash to make them a reality. Thanks, man! (TIME)
  • A Havard paper says that legalizing marijuana could save the US gov’t about $14 BILLION/year! <;300 economists concur. Just do it already! (HUFFPO)
  • Peeps at CinemaCon in LV said Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit (shot at 48 frames/sec, instead of normal 24FPS) looks weird & “like TV”. Shitty. (THR)
  • MTV is holding a casting call for season #28 of Real World tomorrow at O’Aces Bar. You must appear between the ages of 20-24. HAHA!!! (LVWEEKLY)

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