“I represent Harlem World, not Melrose Place.”

Last Wednesday night, my wife & I went to the Orleans Arena at the Orleans Hotel & Casino to see the Harlem Globetrotters play against the International Elite for the Championship Trophy & the right to tour next year. No offense to the Elite, but no one is going to pay to see them play without the Globetrotters. That’s just some good ol’ fashion vaudeville theatrics for the little ones. So needless to say, the Globetrotters won 84-79, but it was a close game throughout & a lot of fun. We seriously laughed so much. One of the highlights was watching Bishop Gorman HS graduate, Scooter Christensen, who was a member of the 1997 State Basketball Champions & has been a member of the Globetrotters for the last 7 years, play & interact with the crowd. In 2010, he set the world records for spinning a basketball on his head for 7.9 secs & nose for 5.1 secs. (LVSUN) Go Scooter! So if you’ve never seen a Globetrotters game before, do yourself a favor & check one out…they’re AWESOME! Please enjoy a few more pics that I took that night, including a couple of the LV Strip that I took from the outdoor smoking area of the Orleans Arena…


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